In an era when human fatigue permeated the surrounding air, everyday bustle physically and morally exhausted people, and unfulfilled dreams were postponed for the sake of duties, on an ordinary morning, an unusual star appeared to the world, changing the usual way of life.

The bright blue light of the star awakened an inner voice muffled by people. Its calls to realize their own dreams became so loud that it became very difficult to ignore. And soon the voice acquired a physical embodiment, capable of interacting directly with its owner.
Muses - that's what they called the embodiments of human unfulfillment born from a dream.

The former voice in people’s heads began to influence the world around them and literally push its masters to achieve what would make them happy. From making an ice cream at home to tours as a popular performer. Muses strove for the same thing as their partners. They inspired their carriers, they were attentive listeners to whom one could speak about everything, they encouraged and instructed.

The aspirations of the people directly influenced the appearance of the muses. The ghostly type was formed in people with an unclear view of their happy future. Cats accompanied people who wanted to create home comfort. Bats were among people who wanted to realize themselves in music professions. Fish type – for those who aspired to the sea.

If you think that there are things more important than your happiness, then you are mistaken! Let me guide you on your way to achieving it! Get ready to be amused!

are waiting for
What is this collection?

It is a collection of 10 000 pixel art PFPs of anime monster girls (Muses).
  1. No price (only gas fee). No roadmap. Each muse is machine-made and unique.
Test your luck and get the one of a kind.
What else can I expect from holding a Muse?

3 additional unique Muses will be released every month for 6 months and gifted to random holders of the collection. Additional muses will be determined via voting on our Twitter page.
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How to get a Muse?

After the mint is announced, the upper right button of the project site will change into “Mint now”. Click it and mint as many NFTs as you want. Collection reveal in 24 hours after the end of the mint phase.
What are the dates for a mint and a collection reveal?

Phases’ dates will be announced on the projects Twitter page and here on the site.